Karmic Board Petition

The Karmic Board convenes twice yearly… December 31 midnight and June 30th midnight at the Grand Teton Royal Retreat.. They consist of a representative of each of the 7 rays, Divine cosmic beings & The Divine Angelic Realm  and they create petitions and plans for the highest and greatest good of themselves and humanity.

It has been suggested to us to write down some of our 3-D struggles and or things we wish to clear or transmute… for example fear, blocks, limitation, unworthiness, disharmony, disease, everything and anything keeping you from Mastery… or just anything you feel that is keeping you held and bound to 3-D.

First Connect to Your I AM and Christ Consciousness, From this place as the Queen/King of your Dominion Decree: I AM Divine Love, I AM Divine Gratitude

Then make a petition to be double dipped in the lake of violet fire, located in the center of the retreat,  to assist with transmuting all cause, core, effect, record, and memory system wide through dimensions, time and space of everything and anything that you have  accepted, allowed and or created that is keeping you from being Your True Divine Self. 

Then imagine standing before The Karmic Board and submitting your petition for their approval. 

Remember what Lady Nada said…you will beget what you put in… joy begets joy… be joy and you get joy.

Lots of Love!!

Members of Karmic Board
Corresponding Rays

1. Divine Director
2. Goddess Liberty
3. Nada
4. Pallas Athena
5. Vista
6. Kwan Yin
7. Portia