Statement/Decree for Parents/Guardians for their Children

(under age of 13)

I, ______________________, (guardians name) The Divine Creator of My Dominion, in perfect alignment with my Divine Plan do hereby state & decree that I have accepted the position of Guardian for kids name.  As such by The LAW of Divine Love, The LAW of Divine Will & The LAW of Divine Intent, I Decree & State on kids name behalf that I give permission for the Highest Vibration of Divinity; Divine Love, Divine Truth & Divine Power, to enter into the field of kids name, through all aspects & all Dominions of kids name.  Everything & anything lower than The Divine Creators Divinity IS NOT permitted!  It is, under the supervision of A.A. Michael and is to be bound up, taken to the sun, repolarized and never to enter into kids name fields ever again.

 I, ______________________, (guardians name) on behalf of kids name, give permission for the Ascended Masters to enter into kids name World & the World of Humankind to Assist & on behalf of kids name & Human Kind, I Accept Their Assistance. 

Anything & Everything lower than the Frequency of Divinity that may already be in kids name field is to be transmuted by the Violet Flame of Transmutation under St. Germains Supervision into Divine Love!

All of this is in accordance with the greatest and highest good of kids name.

I Decree, with My Septre of Dominion in My Right Hand and the Divine Sword of Protection in My Left as The Rightful Heir of My Dominion, Witnessed hereto by the Arch Angelic Realm of the Most High Divine Frequency this as Divine Truth. 

So Say I, So it has been written, So it has been done!

Let this be maintained, sustained, self maintaining and self sustaining.

My Mighty I AM Presence stand guard over this decree so that only Divine Good enters into it. 

I do hereby decree that I enter this into the universal Record as a Recorded Document and Infuse it into the Substrate of Divine Creation.  I Am The LAW of Gratitude, My Beloved I AM.


Signed this ______day of __________2021