Leana’s Message

I AM SOOOOOOO BLISSED!!  One of the most precious gifts I have ever received is the honor of meeting each & everyone I have met and will meet.  So many of you have such beautiful & amazing words for me but YOU must know that it is I who is forever great full for you in my life, no matter the size of the role.  With every heartfelt conversation and healing that took place for you, I too was awarded the same if not more by your presence.  Without each of you touching my life in the profound ways that you have, I would not be where I AM today.  Without you to share the Ascended Masters with, I would have been robbed of such an incredible experience of Divinity.   I AM THE LAW OF GRATITUDE FOR ALL WHO HAVE GRACED MY PATH!  I AM GREAT FULL for you all, for without you fulfilling our contracts I would not be able to manifest my Divine Purpose for this embodiment.  It is each of you that is to be honored for your remarkable genius & unbelievable gifts you gave to me.  I AM Great full to all, my beloved friends….my soul family. 

In Much Love & Light,