Decree For People Who Transitioned


Beloved I AM Presence, Yeshua/Jesus,  AA Michael,  Ascended Masters of The Great White Brotherhood, St. Germain, El Morya, The Angelic Realm of the most High Divine Frequency, I call on the Violet Flame & The LAW of Forgiveness to seize and Transform all misqualified energy, fear based thoughtforms, human concepts, opinions, blame, & disembodied entities in and around _____________(persons name).  I call in the name in Divine Love, Divine Truth, Divine  Wisdom & Divine Power of The Mighty I AM Presence, Divine Creator of all that s and is not, to take_____________(persons name) to a Temple of Divine Light where in this greater Freedom  _____________(persons name)  remember their Divine Self.   I ask you to charge, charge , charge this Decree with your momentum to make it so. 

Enfold _____________(persons name) in Our Divine Love and may ____________(person name) ever be enfolded in The Love and Bliss Of Divine Perfection & fulfill their Divine Plan and be wholly FREE.

(Altered & Updated Decree taken from the Originator W. Schroeder)