Community Divine Code of Love, Truth & Honor


I agree to treat other members with Love and Respect at all times, to NOT make comments about somebody or something that you yourself have not personally experienced, and to NOT cross Dominion.

I agree that my actions will be of the utmost Divine Integrity and I will not disclose or share any private links from PowerPassionFreedom.com with anyone else. 

I agree to ask Questions that are relevant to the Topic at hand and Our Divine Remembrance

I agree that if I, at any time, feel bullied or intimidated by any other member I will not start a confrontation but my first course of action will be to contact the PPF support team.

I agree that any and all Email/communication between myself and Leana and/or the PPF support team must be kept civil with Love and Respect and Leana & PPF Support Team agree to same.

I agree to live events, chat and Q & A guidelines as given by Leana and the PowerPassionFreedom (from herein known as PPF) support Team.   Leana and the PowerPassionFreedom support Team reserves the right to shut down the  Q&A or chat thread or the entire meeting/webinar if they deem that it is necessary.

I agree to NOT solicit members or create sub-groups to profit from.

I agree NOT TO TAKE screen shots, record and transcribe live or recorded events.

I agree to read PowerPassionFreedom email communications, listen, hear and abide closely to Leana and her support team’s requests and or instructions.

I agree to not post links on the PowerPassionFreedom website, Webinars; Chat or Q & A.

I agree NOT to Create any outside groups such as Telegram, Instagram, Signal, Messenger, Twitter etc…in relationship to or representing Leana information Or Post/Share on said Sites/Apps anything in relationship to or representing in any manner PowerPassionFreedom.com or Leana information without prior written consent from Leana herself.              (URL can be shared  PowerPassionFreedom.com)

I have read the above and agree that If I do not abide by this code of conduct I will be removed from membership and will not receive any refund of membership.