Master YOUR Dominion (2 Day Workshop)

Course, Workshops, Meditations & Channelings

  1. Remember & Recover the True Comprehension of Divine Dominion
  2. Comprehend the Universal Law of Precipitation
  3. Remember & Recover the Steps to Consciously Create Through The LAW of Precipitation, Both 3D & 5D & what The LAW is in Both.
  4. Recover The Laws of The Universe & What has been Purposely Kept From You for Lack & Control
  5. How to Break Free Once & For All Claim Back Health & Live The Life YOU desire!
  6. Remember, See, Feel, Sense, Know Who You are!


  1. Remove those programs that keep you anchored in 3D
  2. Removing The Veil of 3D 
  3. Know The Truth of Your Divine Power & Your Divine BIRTH RIGHT!!
  4. Catapult Yourself into 5D
  5. Quantum Field, how does it relate to Real Sovereignty
  6. See Your Auric Field Live before & after Clearings so you can see the difference.
  7. And so Much More……

Date:  February 26th Saturday & February 27th Sunday, 2022

Hours: Saturday Registration 7AM-8AM   Class 8AM- 6PM     Sunday 8AM – 6PM (1.5 Hour Lunch Breaks)

Location: Hyatt House

Address: 5308 Avion Park Drive, Tampa, FL 33607
Special Room Rates & Free Transportation from Airport Available for PowerPassionFreedom People    Regular $210 /night   PPF $179.00  (2 Queens or One King)
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Original Price of Workshop $998.00 Due to Covid & Hardship for Many, Now $499.00 Small Venue, Limited Seating, First 100 People Only.

Master YOUR Dominion Class

65 Person Limit
Credit Card
American Express
Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
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We apologize but the dinner is full.

**Very Limited Seating Special Offer ** Dinner with The Ascended Masters

Enjoy Dinner with Leana & Ascended Master in A Private Channeling Where you have the opportunity to chat personally with an Ascended Master & Ask Your Questions First Hand!!
Choice of Meals will be provided.

Saturday 7-10 PM