Let me give you a brief summary of who you really are and how it was supposed to be.  You are the outer most projection of creator.  You are an amazing light.  You have a Divine Presence that is all opulent and exists at the higher levels of vibration as the creator and is all knowing and powerful and loving.  This higher level, known as the I AM Presence, wanted to learn & grow & experience so this Divine aspect of you took on the body of a 3d human to experience all types of things.  

Originally, we could communicate easily and openly and the All Knowing Divine Self guided us and used the human body to have experiences.   The communication from the Divine Presence was given to the human heart creating a feeling and then the 3D mind (brain) would speak the word creating a frequency that went out to the universe (zero point field) and create the experience for the Divine Presence to have.  Eventually we began to focus on our creations and not our True self.  Ego was born the Etheric body was born and a veil of separation between the higher realms and 3d was created.  It got DENSE!!!!  

We spew so many horrific empowering thoughts and beliefs out of our mouths filling our own fields with low dense frequency that we either struggle to communicate or completely blocked off all communication to our higher aspects, so much so that our very life force has been compromised and our physical health deteriorates and our physical bodies die.  Do you know we were never meant to age?   We block our communication with all the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm that are assisting us everyday. 

This is where I can assist.  I Communicate clearly & access my Higher realms, and My I Am Presence communicates with your I AM Presence which tells me exactly what your I AM Presence has been trying to tell you but you’re not hearing because you have all these dense frequencies blocking your communication.  Then while communicating with your Divine Presence I can see all the dense frequencies that you created and stored in your field and your physicality as well as emotional and mental bodies.  Then together, the key here is TOGETHER, we remove these dense frequencies from all levels, through all dimensions, & aspects of self system wide so you can begin to hear your I AM Presence your guidance for yourself. 

Once the destructive frequencies are removed I assist you in learning how to do this for yourself.   Give a person a meal they eat once, teach them to fish they never hunger again.   I am not like others who keep you addicted, like a drug addict, having to keep you coming back so you can be healed. Please,  Even Jesus said “it is not I who heal you it is by Your belief that you are healed.”  Only you can heal you and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.   I ASSIST!  “God helps those who help themselves!”  I will never cross over into someones Dominion and take their Power away, I will always assist you in utilizing your own Higher Divine power, insight, truth and wisdom to obtain your Divine Freedom.  After all who knows you better than your Divine Self?  Only YOU!

SO…. If you are still reading this its because the Dance of the universe has happened.  You have been, praying, researching, reading,  searching, yearning from a place of truth knowing deep in your heart that there is something more  that your Divine Presence answered your request and put out a call into the Universe…..Goes something like this ………”hey my lower levels are searching for me and the communication is blocked. this is what my lower levels need for assistance in….”xyz”……(I look at it as your Divine Presence on a big ole megaphone declaring what it needs)….Your Divine Presence is so Powerful the frequency /signal sends it out into the universe & another Divine Presence sees the call.  It responds, “I Can assist, my lower levels mastered that aspect and is now serving her Divine purpose and Assisting other lower levels Awaken”.  Your Divine Presence and My Divine Presence have a nice chat, makes a deal and then Your Presence begins to speak to your heart.  If you are not listening because you have such density frequencies like pain and suffering it will begin to enlist the assistance of your entourage both physical and etheric and eventually you find yourself right here right now!    Think about this for a second……how did you find me?   Coincidence?   I know not.  Now its all up to you.   Are you going to listen to your Divine guidance and contact me or are you going to ignore the Dance of Divinity and go do some self sabotaging destructive behavior like watch TV?   That’s the glory of this place called Earth we have Free Will.  We create our World, what is it you wish to create?  More of the same?  Or will you Step into your Power, Live Your Passion & Obtain Your True Divine Freedom.